About my page

My name is Gillian Looney and I am a final year BA International student in University College Cork. I study Economics and Hispanic Studies. This blog is for my module HS3004 “Translating Business, Culture and Society in the Hispanic World”. This project is a translation of two articles from Spanish to English, exploring how women are represented in reggaeton music videos. This translation commentary is divided into the following sections:

  • Why I picked this topic
  • An analysis of the source text
  • Translation process and issues

The two articles are centered around the theme of how women are represented in the music industry. The first article I translated was “The Female Body in the Music Industry: Objectification or empowerment?” (FBMI).  FBMI was obtained from a Galician newspaper La voz de Galicia.  It gives an account of a conference that took place in A Coruña where experts in the Spanish music industry debated how most of the time women are objectified in music videos. The second piece I translated is called “A reggaeton against sexism” (RAS). This article was taken from an Argentinian newspaper called La Capital. This article gives a report of a popular youtube video produced by students in Alicante. This parody video is comical as male and female roles are reversed and it highlights that reggaeton music videos usually are sexist. I have also created English translations for the Youtube video.